Tuesday, March 11, 2014


Welcoming the return of happiness to fashion, to Vogue, to life. After a couple of bad weeks I had the most spectacularly, phenomenally good week last week. I'm sure it's all relative, and when I list everything that made me happy last week in a few months time I'll laugh at how naive I was to think that that was happiness. But boy it feels good right now.


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McKenzie Collins said...

It's good to see a smile in Vogue, it appears so genuine and it's appealing - I'd take it over a straight, serious face almost any day. Glad to hear happiness is coming back to you too! Doesn't matter why it's there, just that it is!


petal and plume said...

if we're going to see a smile, christie's is a beautiful one so showcase. love this.

hannah-rose said...

McKenzie - I totally agree. Smiling is good, and healthy. I'm finding that out first hand!

Petal - Completely agree, christie is the number 1.