Saturday, March 15, 2014


I want a space of my own, bright, white and full of light. With touches of pink throughout. Kitchens are important. The fact that it would be mine is even more so.


ps. don't forget to enter my birthday giveaway!  It's your last chance to enter, best of luck.


Grace Eleanor said...

I swear the moment I start saving photos from fvf I pop onto you and there they are! How funny!

Great taste, eats alike? Hope everything is going well with your giveaway!


australiaclothing said...

Would love if you could check out my blog
Thanks xx

Swati Rarhod said...

Oh wow pics! I always feel like you describe each and every emotions of mine in words :) Loved your blog

Sam said...

Oh the things I'd do for a kitchen all of my very own x

hannah-rose said...

Grace - haha I am the number 1 FVF lurker!

Australian clothing - thank you!

Swati - Thank you, I'm always dreaming :)

Sam- I know, me too. Who cares about the rest of the place, but the kitchen is the thing.