Wednesday, March 5, 2014

literary style

‘The day my laundry came back, I took out all my clothes and spread them around the room for Judy and me to look at. I was determined that for once, just once in my life, when I went to those readings, I would be wearing the ‘right’ thing. The right thing in this case had to be something general: something that wouldn’t type me. To my chagrin all my clothes stubbornly refused this neutrality, splitting themselves up resolutely into three categories: Tyrolean Peasant, Bar Girl and Dreaded Librarian. It looked hopeless.’ 

Elaine Dundy, The Dud Avocado

My next Literary Style has gone live on Undone Journal. It's about Sally Jay Gorce, a Jennifer Lawrence screwball heroine with tomboyish grace and all the wrong clothes. Read all about it here.



petal and plume said...

your piece for undone is pure perfection. your eloquence is unparalleled!

faridah said...

I remember my first time stumbling across your blog while living in one of my first places in Brisbane and, come to think of it, that was almost around 6 years ago! It's amazing that I feel like I've grown up over the six years with you from you writing your thoughts in this blog and I reading them. Thank you for the reader-writer friendship :)