Monday, March 24, 2014

going west

I'm going to Perth for an ill-timed but no less necessary looooong weekend. My best, oldest friend moved there at the start of the year and I've been feeling her distance so keenly. I can't wait to see her! Now, I've done my usual hours of instagram-stalking and screen-shotting good-looking cafes and bakeries, but I have to ask, does anyone have any tips for Perth? I'm looking for the sandiest beaches, the cutest cafes, the lushest shopping and the most jaw-dropping sights. Comment here or email me . Thank you thank you!



flora bloom said...

Fremantle! The Attic cafe (bircher muesli...), New Editions bookstore, Ootong and Lincoln, Wild Bakery (tiny but lovely), bib and tucker, East Freo wine store, Barque for AMAZING omelettes, morrison for beautiful clothes, leighton beach, bathers bay, pekho homewares, lefroy st markets on sunday mornings - why would you go anywhere else in perth? ;

hannah-rose said...

Flora - thank you so much for your tips!I tried to get to new editions but it was closed for renovations I was devastated. But I went to pekho and ogled all the cakes at ootong and lincoln (but settled for a more morning-appropriate iced tea instead). Fremantle was dreamy!