Monday, March 10, 2014


I love that there is now a word for the kind of style that I live for. Frumpterable. (It's a thing). Maybe think of this as Haut Frumpterable, the Ashley Olsen mode of dressing whereby everything is too big, too cosy, too comfortable, too simple, but you simply do not care. I've been thinking about this a lot as I've been dressing for events or, in quiet moments on public transport or lounging on my bed, preparing outfits for fashion week (we all do it okay!). There's nothing wrong with being the person in the corner of the room in birks and skinny jeans. There's nothing wrong with dressing for comfort and utility and efficiency. And when it's work, not play, as it has increasingly become year after year, there is nothing wrong with a little frumpterable-chic to get you through the day. Why bother anyway when you know that at least on the casual front you've got the whole thing sorted. So just don't be surprised when you see me at fashion week in jeans and a sweater. I'm keepin' it real.


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AVY said...

Sounds very sane to me.


Karen Yuan said...

It makes me ridiculously happy that "frumpterable" is a thing now. I love that fashion isn't all about the 6 inch heels and uncomfortable clothing. I love that casual is the new black and that I can wear casual ankle boots to just about anywhere. Perfect for Sydney living x

the chic & damned

petal and plume said...

hah! never heard of this before, but i will definitely use this to define my style from now on. luv.

rachel kara said...

That beautiful photo is taking a major lean toward the haut...but this is us all over, birks and jeans in the corner

hannah-rose said...

Avy - thanks :) we think so too.

Karen - doesn't it though? I love that people have decided they can wear whatever they want. Select few have been doing it for a long time now, but I applaud anyone who bucks the streetstyle madness these days.

Petal - isn't it the best term? Me to a tee.

RKB - lol birks and jeans in the corner - description of yesterday.