Monday, March 17, 2014

Capture the Castle x Maloles

Rachel Kara took the pictures, as always, and CJ wore the shoes. Thank you thank you thank you x

Sometimes, sometimes, I remember that I did this and I have to sit down, just for a second. I designed a pair of shoes, for a respected brand from my favourite country, to celebrate their tenth birthday. These shoes exist. You can buy them. And I designed them. It's a little bit crazy, and I've been keeping it mostly to myself ever since Maloles and Pop and Roy got in touch last year, but here we are. When they got in touch I couldn't quite believe it either. Maloles was one of those brands that kick-started my Parisian education. I saw them on the shelves at Le Bon Marche on my first trip to Paris, they were the perfect counterpart to Bassike denim back home in Sydney. The Maloles algorithm, which seems to combine equal parts classicism, quirk and chic, is one that I've both admired and sought to emulate in my everyday life. I never thought that I would be working with the Maloles team on such a special, personal project. As part of their 10th birthday celebrations they have asked bloggers around the world - DeeDee, Tokyobanhao, 4aces and Pauline - to redesign their iconic zoe ballerine and bridget sandal, taking inspiration from their home country. As the representative of Australia I wanted to try and capture a little bit of our beachy, sand-strewn lifestyle in my shoes. Gold-flecked sandals and nubuck ballet flats with raffia ribbons for those sun-dappled sunday mornings spent lazing about at the markets or lying on your stomach on a towel at the beach. When we shot these it was all about leafy greens, white balconies and the ease of a playsuit. Shoes for me should always be about comfort and ease, things that Maloles have in its DNA. Happy birthday Maloles, and thank you for letting me into your world. It's been a pleasure.  


ps. I never thought I would see the day where something I designed would be sold in Le Bon Marche. But now I have. PINCH ME.


Madeleine said...

You're a talented designer! I love those sandals!

Smarties said...

Congratulations Hannah!! How are you celebrating? (and RK nails it every time. )

Brigadeiro said...

Wow! How unreal, Hannah! Congrats!!!

Jamie-Lee Burns said...

Is is bad that I unashamedly want to buy both pairs? You did a great job H-R- you'll have to let me know where you can buy these beauties, the sandals especially (cos wouldn't you know it, the only sandals I own have heels.... )

C├ęcile said...

the sandals are really cute and Maloles is a great brand I love, I'm happy for your collaboration !

Grace Eleanor said...

So so happy to see this finally! Been waiting for what seems like forever...congratulations! They are beautiful. said...

Hannah! This is actually the coolest thing ever! Congratulations lady x

Joy said...

this is awesome! congrats.

Delcarla said...

love the shoes !!

hannah-rose said...

Madeleine - Thank you! Simple, but very true to my style I think.. I'm glad you like the sandals!!

Smarties - Thank you! I haven't really celebrated yet, I think I have to start :) And yes, RKB is the dreamgirl

Brigadeiro - Thank you!

Jamie-Lee Burns - Not at all haha! Buy away :) I think they're available on Bon marche, but I don't know if they are having australian stockists.. but maybe keep your eye here for a chance to ahem.. get a pair.. hehe. :)

Cecile - Thank you! I loooove Maloles and it was an absolute pleasure to work with them. Glad you like the sandals I think they are my favourites too

Grace - Thank you! Yes I know the reveal has been a long time coming... Thank you :)

Lepirate - thanks mate!! Glad you like them.

Joy - Thank you! It's strange but awesome seeing these pictures even now.

Delcarla - thank you!


hannah-rose said...

ps. keep your eyes peeled in the future for more information on this :)


miss sophie said...

i remember admiring maloles ballet flats at barneys when i just moved to NYC. what lovely designs, hannah! congrats on such a cool and lovely project. :)